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#10 ZZ TOP – Technically they didn’t have a show, but they did have music videos

#9 RUPERT (Survivor) – Doesn’t he look like that dude from REVENGE OF THE NERDS?

#8 STEVEN KEATON (Family Ties) – What would we do baby, without us? (Sha na na na)

#7 AL BORLAND (Home Improvement) – In real life he’s actually a good poker player, although it’d be hard not to be in those Celebrity fiascos.

#6 B.A. BARACUS (A-Team) – My favorite moment of the Mr. T era (that doesn’t include an Eddie Murphy routine I can’t repeat here) is the Saturday morning cartoon where Mr. T and some gymnasts went around and solved crimes.

#5 GRIZZLY ADAMS - He’s the one on the right

#4 GRISSOM – We definitely need to do a sexiest guys on TV list soon

#3 UNCLE JESSE (Dukes of Hazard) – probably the closes John Stamos will ever come to making one of my lists.

#2 SONNY CROCKETT – Kind of hard to see with the picture, but Johnson perfected this five day beard that drove the girls wild.

And the number one beard on TV

#1 EVIL SPOCK/EVIL CARTMAN – “Best Friends are we!” (I love you guys)