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Pop Band Names

Today we continue our look at band names. In the category of “pop,” I’m including any genre not covered yesterday or broached tomorrow with hard rock bands. Again, I tried to stay away from eponymous names if I could, so all you Captain and Tenile fans get over it. Enjoy


#10 Concrete Blonde – I’ve heard of ash blonde, bleach blonde and even four non-blondes, but these girls must be thick.

#9 Mamas and Papas – Kinda makes me think of a local Italian Restaurant, with Jr. on the accordion.

#8 Timex Social Club – Eventually Timex (haters that they are) sued the band, and they had to change their name, but while they were TSC they sounded like a swell gathering of slightly nerdy people.

#7 Crystal Method – No truth to the rumor that this group is a combo of country star Crystal Gayle and rapster Method Man, although I’d pay to see them in concert together

#6 Culture Club – Yet another club. If you just heard of this name, it sounds like some high-falutin’ society, huh? I bet they’d never have let their lead singer in the doors.

#5 Bananarama – I have no idea how they got their name, but this is one of the two most fun names to just say.

#4 Oingo Boingo – Along with this one. It sounds vaguely dirty, doesn’t it?

#3 Sonic Youth – I’m going to guess that there’s an entire generation that thinks this band has something to do with hedgehogs

#2 Velvet Underground – The name just slinks sexily toward you. It suggests, winks, sashays and dares you to follow.

And the number one pop band name is….

#1 Grand Funk Railroad – now that sounds like one swinging train. Putting them on the list also allows me to employ one of my favorite Homer Simpson quotes: “Grand Funk Railroad paved the way for Jefferson Airplane, which cleared the way for Jefferson Starship. The stage was now set for the Alan Parsons Project, which I believe was some sort of hovercraft.”


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